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What is an opt-in?

An opt-in is a super valuable resource that you have created and are just gushing to share with your audience, and you give it away for FREE in exchange for their email address.

Why are they fantastic?

> When you create a valuable resource as a gift to your audience, you can boost your email list and eventually leverage your list to make sales and grow your business.
> When your audience receives a valuable resource as a gift from you, a connection is formed and the more value they get out of your content the more they like and trust you, and they are more likely to stay on your email list, recommend you to their friends, and stay engaged with your content!
So what are you waiting for? Get going on creating your first fantastic opt-in!

In this cheat sheet you’ll find a comprehensive list of places you can promote your opt-in FOR FREE.
There are plenty of ways to do a paid promotion, but not all of us have change in our purse for ads. We’re saving that for gelato (tiramisu, please).
*This cheat sheet is meant to accompany a related blog post (Fantastic Opt-Ins and Where to Promote Them) that explains more about opt-ins and also provides an extensive list of types of opt-ins to give you examples for your next bold idea.

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