Fantastic Opt-ins And Where To Promote Them

fantastic opt-ins and where to promote them
You may think you have already read a blog post like this before, but I assure you, you haven’t. I  mean, it’s titled after a Harry Potter spin-off series. Really.

So what’s going down for this blog post? No bs, no fluff, none of me yapping on and on– oh, I see where this is going. Okay, let’s dive right in then.


What is an opt-in? Why are they fantastic?

I’m glad you asked.

An opt-in is a super valuable resource that you have and are just gushing to share with your audience, and you give it away for FREE in exchange for their email address (which you will later use to send them even more of your valuable little gems!).


Three things to keep in mind when creating an opt-in for your audience:

  1. It must provide a solution to ONE problem
  2. It must be quick and simple
  3. It must be consistent with your overall message


Now do I need to explain why they are fantastic? Just in case…

For you: valuable resource > gift to audience > build email list > grow your business!

For your audience: valuable resource > free gift to them > like and trust you > stay engaged!

Got it now? Good! Moving on..


Types of fantastic opt-ins

To put it simply, any free resource can be used as an opt-in so I couldn’t possibly name them all. However, I do want to give a quick explanation of the five most common types of opt-ins and then I’ll give you a more extensive list of some others that I’ve seen used effectively.


  1. Checklist

A checklist is probably the simplest opt-in. It’s the quickest to create, the easiest to digest, and the most actionable for your audience if they want to get started right away. A checklist can contain anything that is valuable to your audience: steps to complete, tools to gather, topics to write about, items to purchase, places to visit, etc. Want a fantastic example? Click the button below!



  1. Email course

This one is a bit more work on your end, but is one of the most valuable for your audience. It goes more in depth than the simpler opt-ins, shows more of your personality, and fosters a more engaged relationship between you and your audience. I’ve found a good length for email courses to be between 5-7 days, which is long enough to provide insight and give the user results, and short enough to hold their interest and engagement. An email course should contain actionable steps that the user can take each day to complete a final transformation or get one big result at the end.


  1. Template

People LOVE templates. If you’ve already created something that works, people don’t want to reinvent the wheel, they want what you’ve got! It’s so easy to spend a few extra minutes when creating something to just whip up a template of it (so you can use it over and over) and so that you can offer it to your audience as well. These also work great as bonuses for paid content!


  1. Cheat sheet

A cheat sheet is a quick and easy guide that tells how to do something in a simplified manner and includes parts that are often easily overlooked or missed. It is aimed at increasing the user’s skills and productivity. Cheat sheets are practical reference guides or outlines that make our lives more efficient.


  1. Resource guide

Are there a handful of resources that you use every day? For your business, your blog, a hobby, or interest? If you do and it’s in your audience’s niche, then you’re in luck! People always want to know what the experts are using. For example, “The 5 Tools I Use to Make My YouTube Videos”, “5 Resources I Couldn’t Stay Organized and Productive Without”, or “Essential Kitchen Appliances to Make Healthy Meals Every Day”.


More fantastic opt-ins:

  1. Scripts
  2. Blueprint or roadmap
  3. Tutorial
  4. Challenge
  5. Quiz
  6. Ongoing product
  7. Ebook
  8. Webinar
  9. Masterclass
  10. Resource library
  11. Workshop
  12. Virtual summit
  13. Pre-order list
  14. Audio training
  15. Free feedback
  16. Coaching call
  17. Workbook
  18. Beta testing
  19. Free product trial
  20. Newsletter
  21. Surveys
  22. Video series
  23. Group Pinterest board participant
  24. Discount offers or coupons
  25. Affiliate freebies


Where to promote opt-ins

Now that you know all about how opt-ins can help you grow your business and you’ve chosen the best ones for you and your audience, it’s time to get them out into the world so people can soak up your awesomeness and you can feel like a Boss.

I’ve compiled an extensive list of places where you can get your opt-ins seen for FREE. Of course you can always pay for ads, but if you’re tight on money and want to make sure you’re reaching your niched down target audience, these organic sources are the way to go.

If you’re tight on money and want to make sure you’re reaching your niched down target audience, these organic sources are the way to go.

Download and print out this super helpful checklist so you have it with you every time you create a new opt-in.



You’re welcome. 😉


Be Bold. Be Boss. Be YOU.

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